Global recognition and payments for your work

With Blocasset, you can sell your creative work, curate a stunning portfolio, and get hired or paid from anywhere in the world! It’s goodbye to payment hassles!

You do not need to be an expert at creating ormarketing to reach a global audience. Startwhere you are, upload your work, make sales,and get hired by recruiters on the look!


It’s a one-way ticket to passive income

Receive payments from anyone, anywhere

Get paid from any country in the world

Sell your design
Create and Mansge Portfolio

Start selling your creative work

Create, upload, sell; it’s that easy

Connect with creators like yourself

Showcase your work

Get hired by companies across the world

Showcase your skills and experience


Your public profile becomes a stunning portfolio

Recruiters are on the look out...

And your profile on blocasset can grab their attention!

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Curate your work

Your public profile is your canvas, so get creative with it. Upload assets that tell a story about you!

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Decide on visibility

The assets you upload can be kept public or private. You decide what you want to share per time.

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Talk about yourself

A brief bio and your top skills gives any recruiter a glimpse into who you are professionally.


Earning doesn't have to be difficult

Upload your assets

Upload your assets

Your work is too good to stay hidden. So choose a piece to sell, give it a name and category, then upload to blocasset.

Set a price

Set a price

Decide on how much you want to sell an asset then share to the public. You can also make assets free for download.

Get paid globally

Get paid globally

No more payment hassles. You get paid in crypto or your local currency like the Naira.

Start earning tips

Start earning tips

Visitors to your profile can leave tips at anytime to show an appreciation of your work.


All it takes to start earning globally is 4 easy steps

Create or connect your wallet

With just your email or social account a wallet is created for you automatically.


Fill in basic details about yourself

Tell us your name, what you do, and what your top skills are.


Start selling and earning right away

You can start selling and withdrawing your earnings immediately. No wait times.


Connect with other creators

You can follow and connect with other creators and keep up with their work.


Once you’re in, you get to enjoy features created with you in mind.

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Wallet Options

Through the social login you can create a crypto wallet easily.

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Steller community

Feed your work to the largest design community. Learn more.

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Customizable profile

Take control of the look and feel of your portfolio on Blocasset.

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Social Options

We provide you with social feature such as, follow, like, collections, ranking etc To connect with other design creators.

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Tip me

Fans who love your work can send in tips. It is one way to say your work is awesome and inspiring.

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Immediate payouts

You get paid in crypto and this becomes immediately available to you for withdrawal. No waiting.


You are in good company


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There’s a world out there waiting for the magic you create. When they search for assets in your category, we want to see your name front and centre!

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“Monetizing my work before now was tough.But I tried out Blocasset and it made gettingpaid for my work so much smoother!A true game changer for me.”


You get rewarded with Bloctokens on each sale

When you sell on Blocasset, we send you Bloctokens

The more you sell, the more Blocktokens you earn. When Bloctoken launches, it's a double win for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you probably want answers to and more

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We share all new updates, tips and tricks to our community and creators get to network and learn from each other.

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How do I get my cash out of Blocasset after my payout, what’s the process like?


For now, we support only crypto (stablecoins) and Naira payout. This means you can get your payout in either Naira, USDC; USDT; or DAI depending on the payment option you selected while uploading your asset. To get your cash out, visit the wallet page and select to withdraw into your already connected crypto wallet or to your Naira account.

What is the process for a buyer to purchase my asset?


The buyer clicks to view the asset and if interested, can click the 'buy' button at the top right corner. They select a payment method from the options you provide (i.e. crypto or Naira) and then make payment. With naira, they can pay with their bank card, USSD, or via bank transfer. With crypto, the funds are accessed from the buyer’s wallet.

How easy are payments on Blocasset?


Payments are quite easy. You can choose to pay with any of the supported crypto (stablecoins) USDC, USDT, DAI, or with any of the supported fiat currencies, using your master or Visa card or a simple bank transfer.

Do I need to have a wallet before I can sell on Blocasset?


No, you do not need to have a wallet before signing up on Blocasset. Our social login option creates a wallet for you via our wallet provider Web3Auth.

How can users who do not have crypto buy from Blocasset?


This depends on the payment method a selling creator is willing to accept, if the creator accepts fiat (i.e. naira), then you can pay with any fiat currencies supported. Alternatively, you can fund your wallet with the supported cryptocurrencies (i.e. USDT, USDC, DAI) and then proceed with your purchase.

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