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How do I get my cash out of Blocasset after my payout, what’s the process like?


For now, we support only crypto (stablecoins) and Naira payout. This means you can get your payout in either Naira, USDC; USDT; or DAI depending on the payment option you selected while uploading your asset. To get your cash out, visit the wallet page and select to withdraw into your already connected crypto wallet or to your Naira account.

What is the process for a buyer to purchase my asset?


The buyer clicks to view the asset and if interested, can click the 'buy' button at the top right corner. They select a payment method from the options you provide (i.e. crypto or Naira) and then make payment. With naira, they can pay with their bank card, USSD, or via bank transfer. With crypto, the funds are accessed from the buyer’s wallet.

How easy are payments on Blocasset?


Payments are quite easy. You can choose to pay with any of the supported crypto (stablecoins) USDC, USDT, DAI, or with any of the supported fiat currencies, using your master or Visa card or a simple bank transfer.

Do I need to have a wallet before I can sell on Blocasset?


No, you do not need to have a wallet before signing up on Blocasset. Our social login option creates a wallet for you via our wallet provider Web3Auth.

How can users who do not have crypto buy from Blocasset?


This depends on the payment method a selling creator is willing to accept, if the creator accepts fiat (i.e. naira), then you can pay with any fiat currencies supported. Alternatively, you can fund your wallet with the supported cryptocurrencies (i.e. USDT, USDC, DAI) and then proceed with your purchase.

Can BLOCs be flipped into any available currency of my choosing?


BLOC will count towards a discount on our soon-to-come subscription-based feature, as well as asset purchases on the platform, more uses of BLOC tokens within the platform will be added as time progresses. This is on our immediate roadmap and we’ll be excited to share it with you once it’s released!

Can I know more about the subscription-based features?


Our subscription model which is still in the works gives pro creators more robust tools for optimizing sales and increasing their portfolio visibility for jobs. This is on our immediate roadmap, and we’ll be excited to share more details when released!

What’s the commission Blocasset is removing from creator asset sales?


Blocasset currently charges a flat fee of 15%

How is Blocasset connecting creators to recruiters?


This is on our immediate roadmap and we’ll be excited to share it with you once it’s released!

How is Blocasset mitigating plagiarism and design theft?


This is something we do not take likely, and are currently exploring different strategies to optimally reduce design theft. For now, we have implemented a reporting system on assets such that once you identify any theft, you can report it immediately. Please refer to our asset policy in our user guide for more details

What currencies are supported for purchasing an asset on Blocasset:


These are the supported currencies: Crypto: USDT- DIA- USDC Fiat: - Naira- USD

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