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If I can’t find a certain design asset, what do I do? Can I order for a Custom?


Yes, the Blocasset team provide custom services to individuals and companies, we can design any custom asset of choice.

How fast do I receive the design once I make payments for it?


Once a payment has been made, you can have access to the design asset on your dashboard. All paid assets will be made available there for download, including your unique license to use such asset.

Can I pay for an item in any cryptocurrency?


Yes, you can pay for design assets with any supported cryptocurrencies on the platform, for now, we support only MATIC on Polygon.

How do I search for the Design asset I am Looking for?


There is a search box directly on the homepage, you can search by tag i.e., bitcoin falling, man holding crypto, coin dropping etc. also search by asset or creator’s name.You can also browse through the category listing, there are different categories of design assets available. You can search for illustrations, PSDs, Jpegs, etc.

As a buyer or creator, can I edit my wallet address?


No, your profile is tied to your wallet address, the wallet address used to create the profile, you can create a new contributor’s profile, by connecting with another address. We will be introducing transferrable ownership in the future, then you can change your address.

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